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We offer a simple, no fuss, easy-to-use ebook formatting and conversion service for text-based books, converting your manuscript into ebook formats suitable for Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s ipad/iphone/mac, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Smashwords and other popular ebook readers.

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Speed of Service

makemyebook.com is a quick, cost-effective and straight forward ebook conversion service, getting your book ready to take advantage of the e-reader market. Our transparent pricing structure accommodates short story and novel writers alike without having to wait for quotes or call backs.


No Hidden Charges

Unlike other online ebook conversion services, we carry no hidden charges, we offer fast turnaround times and content can be uploaded directly through this website. The conversion is all done by real people, not through the use of automated conversion software. Manuscripts which have been processed through automated systems are more prone to errors and glitches, which can result in files being rejected by ebook sellers.


Easy Payment

To further increase the speed and ease of use of this service we accept payment via PayPal (including credit and debit cards) even if you do not hold a PayPal account.


Please Note: This is Not a Proof Reading Service

Please ensure that documents do not include the use of the tab key or multiple space bar keystrokes to align text. Instead set indentation rules or use the centre text button.